Kindly help me choose my next set of gravel wheels

303 firecrest is on sale


That’s a great price and they are in stock!

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I’m about to pull the trigger.


It’s easy to spend someone else’s money, but If I were you, I’d buy 'em!

Hunt wheels are really bad in the cross winds. Go Zipp.

Which ones? They’ve got 3 different wheel lines and the aerodynamicist and limitless ones look like they’re the more modern, wider profile that should be better in cross winds.

The gravel ones 3.5cm deep, 2.5cm internal width.

I think you mean the 303S?

Enve g23

I run on gravel a bontrager rsl 37v or bontrager pro 3v

Road wheels bontrager pro 35 or Roval clx.

Yes or the 303FC if you have the budget. I have the 303s as my road wheels.

DT Swiss 370 though. Can’t upgrade the 3-pawl setup to something with higher engagement. May or may not be important. (FWIW, I LOVE having lots of poe even on my road bike.)

Hunt has lifetime free crash replacement. Also 60 day ride and return.

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