KickrV5 - drift in ERG-mode?

Drift a little worse on my last ride - not too bad though.

Line up well at the start but Wahoo 4% down on the favero pedals after an hour. Again not so sure that my pedals are not the ones drifting - they only had 30mins to warm up from the 10 degrees outside to the 20 degrees in my house.

I don’t want to buy a third power meter :money_mouth_face:

I’ve never noticed the “steps” that @daniebr has seen

Small update here.

Bought the Assiomas, and they are seriously spot on with my Quarq from day 1, “allways” within +/- 1% of each other. The Assiomas drifted a few % on their third ride, but Im guessing they where settling in or something. Rock solid afterwards.

I have now done 10 workouts with both the Quarq and the Assiomas and results are the same as before, a drift of 2-3% during a workout.

Yesterdays workout:
DC Rainmaker analyzer

My Kickr did however start to make a small noise from the flywheel I believe, so Im now getting a new Kickr. So when things seems to have settled nice, Im starting all over again :slight_smile:


My kickr still drifts 2-3% wrt my faveros over the course of a workout.

I see a new firmware was released yesterday… probably worth a punt.

More of a tapping/grinding noise, hard to explain.

Maybe this link works?

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To my ears, that is a very early onset of the what I call the “Klickr/Clickr” failure. Super common with the K18 and Core models, claimed to be resolved now on the K20/V5 models.


So they claimed. But we have some examples of issues in the local trainer thread, and I’ve seen others in the Wahoo user FB group.

The number of instances may well be down, but I don’t think they have eliminated it entirely.

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Auto zero is performed, when you are freewheeling. In ERG this isnt happen…

As mentioned, coasting doesn’t happen typically in Resistance mode either.

Interestingly, there is a chance for coasting in some workouts that include the sharp sprint efforts at 150+% of FTP. These frequently lead to at least a few seconds of freewheel coasting when the flywheel slows back to the normal speed and related cadence. So, some workouts may well allow for coasting, while others (anything without those types of spikey efforts) will not.

To be honest, the video sounds a bit worse than it really is. Phone/mic is pointed straight at flywheel.

I get the same drift in both erg and SIM modes… I never had the “steps” that @daniebr had originally.

The auto spindown seems to work as expected, it’s actually quite hard to purposely avoid activating it.

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May not be related, but new firmware is out.

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Updated to the latest firmware this morning. Decided to disable Power Match and see what the numbers looked like. I run in the small ring upfront and halfway down the cassette in back so pretty slow flywheel speed.

Test ride this afternoon (Pettit) and saw the Kickr/Assiomas drift from <1% in the first 20 mins, to 2-3% in the second, and 4-5% in the last 20 mins. Tried coasting a couple times with no effect.

It’s not a deal breaker but am open to suggestions if this can be avoided.

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@mcneese.chad: Received new trainer and updated to new firmware dec 22. I have only been able to do two workouts yet.

  • First ride Quarq/Duos reading +2% to +6%,
  • Second ride Quarq/Duos reading -4% to -1%

Did factory spindown after both rides, but have not been able to ride more yet. Expecting readings to stabilize somewhere near the second ride, then readings will be very similar to my first Kickr20. That would mean that both Kickrs have a small drift. I have not been able to see any differencies in readings after firmware update, but havent tested that much either. Did never try new firmware on first trainer.

@therhino: Have you tried a factory spindown? That is the only way I have been able to get any “change” in readings.

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It’s looking to me like all v5 kickrs do this to be honest. It doesn’t seem confined to ERG mode rides either.

Has anyone got one that doesn’t do it?

Although I suppose the @dcrainmaker unit looks good - don’t know how closely he looked for this… it is pretty subtle.

My one ride I completed with the new fw still had the same drift.

@daniebr I haven’t done a factory spin down yet, mainly cause I was under the impression you didn’t have to anymore, as well as it being aligned well at the start of the ride, so it seems to be drift in either the Kickr/Assiomas/both.

Based on the consistency reported in here I assume Kickr, but maybe will pause ride and re-calibrate pedals next time as an experiment as well.

@therhino: After doing factory spindown post workout (warm kickr), my PM readings start low and aligns well with Kickr within about 40mins. Then they are aligned for the complete workout. Before I did factory spindown readings where aligned in the start of workout, but ended up at +5-6%. I was told by Wahoo support to do a factory spindown after they “reviewed” my data.

After purchasing the Assioma Duos and confirming they read superclose to my Quarq, Im about 100% sure that its the Kickr that drifts not the PMs. The temperature rise during a workout is much higher for the Kickr than my PMs, so that makes sense. My Quarq didnt drift vs the Neo 2T I had earlier either.

It is possible he has done other testing/did a longer warm up before he started recording aswell. Allmost all of my drift seems to happen during first 40-ish minutes…

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Same. Just a shame that most of my workouts are an hour so the thing is drifting for 2/3rds of the time.

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I would always trust the Assioma over any trainer with an optical guessing gauge. Hell, I’d probably trust a single sided Stages over most trainers too

FWIW my H3 drifts compared to pedals. First 15 mins it reads higher, then comes back down, and after an hour reads lower

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After I bought my Assiomas I see that my L/R balance varies “a lot” during hard intervals, so a single sided PM probably wouldnt fit me personally. I also see that my L/R balance from Quarq is pretty off. But yes, I would also trust a PM more than a trainer, exception is maybe the Neos that seems very accurate as long as flywheel speed is not too high.

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@daniebr How do you do a spin down on the v5? Don’t see it in the app and googling not helping much.