KICKR Strava 'Mileage' vs Tacx Neo for TR Workouts

Hi, I have a 2020 Wahoo Kickr. I am consistently ‘averaging’ 38 kph on my TR workouts when they move over to Strava. On my old Gen 1 Tacx Neo I was doing circa 32 kph. I have exactly the same settings in TR for both trainers, so am I doing anything wrong, or is this down to differences in flywheel size between the two systems? If anyone has a work around for this, like changing wheel diameter, that would be apprecaited.

For kickrs I would recommend using the “ERG mode speed simulation” found in the app - it instructs the kickr to transmit a speed value based on power rather than flywheel speed so is independant of gearing and wheel diameter.

I find the results to be fairly realistic and don’t think you have to be in ERG mode for it to work.

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Seconded! It basically matches what I’d do in an outdoor ride for the same duration.

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At last!

I have been terrified that @TractorBiker was going to leave me for dust when we next ride on the road!! :hot_face:

I am :slight_smile:

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This was definitely the solution, so thanks guys :grinning:

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Having a hangover from changing from a Gen1 Kickr to the Neo 2…power and speed seem both under what i used to be able to put out with my Kickr (yes i know speed/distance shouldn’t matter…but it does for some).
And to top it off i still can’t connect to TR for the real test. I know i need to disconnect/unpair the apple TV from the Neo but when i’ve tried to and then try to watch TV (apple TV is the only way i can watch in the pain cave) it re-pairs automatically. The only apps i’ve tried the NEO out on have been the Tacx app and Zw&* which is not ideal.
I know i need to contact the TR help team but any other suggestions and observations from switch away from a Gen1 Kickr to the Neo…at this point i’m almost thinking about going back to the buggy 80+ decibels and grinding flywheel.

Per connection issues: You probably just need to make sure to connect your Neo to the TR app & device via BLE first. Once done, that should lock in the BLE pairing and prevent the ATV from grabbing it, since BLE is one to one pairing.

Power comparisons will inevitably differ if all you were using was the trainer power (likely even if you had a power meter). The differences in the resistance system design and real vs virtual flywheel are HUGE factors. Add in the potential that you may using different gearing between them (you didn’t stated it one way or the other) and you have a can of worms. It’s not practical to expect them to match, especially if you are using ERG (also unstated which mode you are using).

Link that above with the whole “speed & distance” is odd in ERG and you will have different results all over again.

Aside from the the connection issues, you just have to know that the old numbers were linked to Trainer #1, and with Trainer #2 you have a new set of numbers. To an extent, you are still the same person making the same power.

What is different is the actual tool (trainer) and measuring stick (power data from that trainer) which leads to different numbers at the end. So in one way, nothing is really different other than the values assigned.

If you leverage the Season functions in TR, you just move forward with the new tool. If you are married to the old values, the only option is to revert to the old tool.

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