KICKR Core Spindown

Hi All

I’m new to trainers and i’m just trying to set up my Core. The spindown seems incredibly hard to actually perform. Trying to do it through the app set up didn’t work as the speed wasn’t detected. I had to cancel that and go into sensors and perform the spindown there. The issue was reaching 36 kmph. I can do that relatively easily on the road but to reach that on the spin down i had to go literally nuts and even then barely reached 36kmph for a second. Is that right? or normal? It seems a bit strange to me. I’m wary of retrying it as i’m not sure i can even get to that level again.

has anyone experienced this?

I have to say this plus issues with the core turning up without fittings the first time. after talking to support they promised to send everything i needed plus a heart monitor as an apology. The second package turned up with just one screw and bolt for the legs and no heart monitor so i had to buy the fittings myself i’m quite disappointed.

What gear are you using? I typically reach the requested speed within two to three seconds. I use the big ring in the front and the small ring in the back.

Thanks for the response. i use The big at the front and the middle at the back.

Switch to the smallest cog on the back and you should reach speed pretty easily. Start off in the middle of the cassette and just keep shifting until you reach speed.

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Thanks, strangely it seems to have righted itself after having a little pootle around on zwift. I can reach the required speed quite easily now. I have to say the whole process seems quite clunky. Bluetooth connection on the macbook takes forever if it connects at all yet the iphone and ipad connect instantly. Very strange

MacBook may not be able to connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth as mobile devices are. Also, if you have a mobile device connected to your trainer then your MacBook won’t be able to connect to the same device. Apparently there are some interferences happening. Might help to turn off bluetooth on all mobile devices when using your MacBook.

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Unless you use powermatch right? I haven’t done a spin down in 2 years.

Correct, as long as you are using a power meter all the time.

My comment is intended for those using the trainer as their primary or only source of power data.

When you say “the app,” do you mean the wahoo app? I can’t do a spindown using that app, either. Once, I kept going faster and faster trying to hit the target speed and about blew up and … the spindown still failed. However, spindowns in TrainerRoad have always worked without any problem at all. I think something is just wrong in the wahoo app.

I’ve experienced the opposite, I can perform a calibration in the Tacx app (I have a Tacx Flux S) but calibration has always failed in TR (either it fails as soon as I start pedaling or I get up to speed, stop pedaling, it spins down to 0 and then says failed due to timeout).