Keegan & World Tour

You could easily do that using xert.

Alexi Vermeulen is close enough to Swenson to be a reasonable comparison. He washed out of the world tour after a couple years with LottoNL-Jumbo. But he’s earning more now as a privateer racing gravel and does not appear to have any desire to give up his current gig and go back.


Look at where Keegan placed in XCO and then look at where Pidcock and VDP place.

That should give you a great indication.

Keegan has found his niche, he needs to ride it out and make the money he can with it.



He’s doing great this in the lifetime cup but he’s way below WT. When he raced in the WC he was pack fodder while every time we saw a WT rider come in for a random race they dominated pure XC guys. Blanking on the name but we had one guy switch to road on B&B hotels and thats proconti. Right now it seems like he’s multiple levels below WT.


This is exactly right.

A super strong cyclist does not a GC contender make. They are a different breed.


Ed Lavarack (former UK national hill climb champion) can hold 7.25w/kg for 13 minutes. He set the KOM on the world’s most Strava’d climb (Sa Calobra, Mallorca). He didn’t even make it as a low level conti rider, let alone World Tour.

There are thousands of riders that can put out numbers that seem to fit in the world tour. There are only a small number that can actually compete at that level.

This thread is a little US centric and many posts underestimate the class at that level, which without doubt is the extreme pinnacle of bike racing. There are few if any riders that wouldn’t race WT if they had the opportunity. Tom Pidcock is a natural Mountain BIke racer, Olympic champion, World Cyclocross champion. Ask him what the highlight of his career to date is, and also what he has found the most difficult and eye-opening.


And hes a very fast runner.

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Most likely is…but if you’re referencing his instagram 5k a year or 2 ago, that was bad data.


I live in the UK so know nothing about this gentleman, however, the key attribute that the top World Tour guys have is recovery. The likes of Pogacar, Roglic, Vinnegard et al recover so quickly in the big tours…they can turn themselves inside out up a HC climb and then TT at 50kph plus the next day. Even the domestiques have to put the work in day after day to defend a jersey, control a break or set up the sprint…it’s completely different from a single day effort, which is why WVA, MVP or Sagan rarely win tours - although Sagan won California one year…this guy may be able to do it with the correct traing…would he want to? Being a domestique is a pretty thankless task with no glory…he’s probably happy with his current position.

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WVA, Sagan, and MVP not winning tours has nothing to do with recovery.


Not sure if he would want to go to WT, but everyone here is downplaying how big of an opportunity it would be to ride with a WT team.

Instead of phrasing it as

“do you want to make less money, be told where to race, and be away from home more often?”;

phrase it as

“Do you want to train with the best team in the world, under the best trainers, scientists, nutritionists in the world, travel Europe, rub elbows with Pogacar, be on the same team as WvA and the winner of the tour*, and have a chance to ride in the tour”.

If it doesn’t work out for a year or two, go back to what you are doing now. Still not sure what I would do if I were him. But I don’t think it is as obvious as what people are making it out to be.

*I only mention JV because someone mentioned them above. Replace WvA with whomever else he might be on the same team with.


I would have loved to see him at Snowshoe this year to see if he has taken a step up. He dominated Blevins at XCO Nats and then Blevins put on a show at Snowshoe against the best in the world a week later. Winter Park might have just fit Keegan’s strengths with a long climb at high altitude for an XCO race, so hard to know if that would have translated.


well they do recover well but they don’t have to be on it every day (well WVA seems to be doing it all - green jersey, super domestique!) but they will pick their days to give it 100% looking for a stage win - other days they can sit in the bus with the sprinters if they like and just watch the time limit. Either way the GC guys of course need to be on it most days until a break goes mid race with no GC rivals in it. Anyhow I think we can all agree that it’s an ability to resist fatigue in long tours that is an ability that no pro knows they have until they start racing these longer races.

I don’t know what life is like as a WT rider but following Keegan on instagram it looks like he’s having a blast. Of course everybody posts mostly good stuff in instagram but I know I’d have a hard time giving up that lifestyle.

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Now, he can do all that stuff. He’s making decent money.

If he went to the WT, he’d be taking a huge pay cut, if he wanted full time coaching he’d have to pay for at least some of it and he’d be traveling Europe racing every week in non grand tours, staying in crappy hotels and pinching pennies to rent a cheap apartment and pay for a couple flights back home to the US each year.

He’s living the life now. Life as a middling to lower level WT rider is nowhere near as glamourous, fun or financially rewarding as what he has going on now.

No im not on about his world record time hahaha. Im simply stating that hes also a very fast runner.

That’s a fantasy because that’s not how it works. UAE or Jumbo are not going to offer him even minimum salary to rub elbows with anyone.

The way it goes is that he actually competes on the road in the US and then wins the biggest races. He then finds a way to get to Europe to ride with a low level team. He wins a bunch of races. And then he gets a contract with a low level conti team and wins a bunch more races. And then a world tour team might notice him.

Maybe he could short cut the usual process if he had won a medal at the Olympics in mountain biking or a World Championship of some sort. That might allow his agent to talk with a WT team.

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But that was exactly the opportunity that was presented to Strickland after he won DK in 2019….come take a chance, see if you have what it takes to price yourself on the biggest stage.

That’s slightly overstating the riders from the WT and underselling the XCO rides I think.

There have been rides go across to be modestly successful in the WT. Milan Vader, Ondre Cink, and Koretzky have been given opportunities.

Mostly all the WT riders couldn’t cross over to the XCO WC. Pidcock is special

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That was a publicity stunt by Vaughters. Sign up the winner of the DK for minimum wage. Until Vaughters calls up Keegan, it’s not an option. He’d have to start at the bottom by winning races.