Keegan & World Tour

This article made me wonder how Keegan was able to get a visa so quickly but Lawson wasn’t.

Was Lawson just trying to go for the TT, then skipped the RR because he couldn’t do the TT?

I have been wondering the same thing since the announcement. Also about Lawson getting his visa 20 minutes after a flight the reason why he did not go? I’m sure the next flight would have pushed timing close, but sounds like an excuse to not go to me.



I’m super interested to see how this goes for Keegan.

Let’s be very clear though. Winning Leadville has very little relevance to the world champs tomorrow. Particularly, on this course. Having a strong diesel engine is irrelevant on this course. Everyone in the race has a strong diesel engine.

The metrics required to excel at the world’s are massive fatigue resistance, repeated anaerobic fatigue resistance, pack skills, dedicated team mates, perfect timing and a billion micro skills.

I actually know and have ridden with a few riders in the Jnr/U23 races. On paper, fantastic numbers etc. Translation to race results. Zippo. Dropped like a hot potato.

Racing at this level is really the only measurement of someone’s ability to do it.

On a whole this forum is dramatically metric driven. Road racing, particularly compared to TTs and long distance gravel is not won by power meters.

It’s won by racers. Insanely good racers, at this level.

The course is brutal. Almost anybody could win. As the previous races have shown, any kind of separation is the key. This course rewards attackers. Group two will always implode.

Keegan has dramatically less chance than any of the favorites, as he has no dedicated team working for him. The chances of victory are incredibly slim. Really, it could only come from him getting in the break and it going to the finish.

He is a racer, so you never know.

I suspect it’s one of the favorites, purely because of team support. After watching the first races on the course, picking a winner is close to a random guess.

It suits Pogacar the most. He’s got to be the favorite.

I have noticed the downhill seems to really handicap the lighter riders. So if Pog or Remco don’t get away early, a bigger rider wins.

Wout, MVDP, even someone like Dylan Van Baarle.


The metrics are still a critical ticket for entry.

I’m not sure that Keegan’s MTB skill will automatically translate to the road course, but that U19 race showed that this race could in fact be won on the descent - especially in the wet - so long as someone posseses a ticket to the party that is the final lap.

Reminds of a comment a dean at a very selective (<12% acceptance rate) college has said to the parents of incoming students to help frame the parent’s expectations around the academic experience that awaits their daughter/son, “50% of the students will be in the bottom half of their class.”

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I read something about Harvard where they try to help the bottom 25% be successful. It’s a huge ego blow for many students to go from the brainicac of their local high school to scraping bottom at Harvard.

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Betting odds have Keegan higher than expected.

Let’s start our own poll!

Bottom 25%
Bottom 50%
Top 50%
Top 25%
Top 10

I bet bottom 50%

Given the short finishing circuit, the number of total finishers will be very low - I’d guess the odds are nearly every domestique is a DNF

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So how do people in the US watch this race without paying $150 to Flobikes? I have no problem paying but $150 for a yearly subscription is steep.

GCN+ with a VPN. Your problems will be solved.


I haven’t had any luck with that. Is that only through the site? I’ve only tried through the app while on VPN and got nowhere.

Works fine both on the website and in the app. Although it depends on your VPN and how its configured.

I use NordVPN on my phone and can stream whatever is available from where I connect. However, if I try to use chromecast from my phone it won’t work - because the chromecast changes the connection point from my phone to the chromecast. So if I want to watch on the VPN over my TV I can hookup a laptop to the TV or use ApplePlay, which doesn’t change the connection point


I use ExpressVPN and GCN+ app no problem. Usually connect through one of the UK servers.


Somebody has to finish last.

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I also use NordVPN. Just tried using UK, and it seems to be set. Thanks!

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Assuming he’s not just on domestique duties for his team killing himself for teammates.

It’s going to be super interesting to see how aggressive some of the team’s/riders are going to make it to get rid of the fast finishers.

It really seems like a race for Michael Matthews. I don’t know if the Aussie team is strong enough to control it for him or not. If the race isn’t super aggressive more than a couple laps out it could be a big group still together.

Can anyone tell if Keegan made the split?