Joining trainerroad

Hi All,

I have been doing structured training with a coach for the last 2 years and now finally decided to join trainerroad. My training schedule ends today (Sunday, Nov 29). I am planning to take a recovery week and then start with trainerroad with a ramp test next Tuesday (Dec 8).
My question here is how should I plan my recovery week. Thank you all in advance.

Maybe just do the workouts from the recovery week of one of the plans, it’s what they are meant for.


Welcome! Whatever you normally do for a recovery week is probably fine. Drop the intensity, drop the volume, let your body :sparkles: absorb :sparkles:. Recovery weeks in TR plans usually keep the same number of rides as training weeks to help maintain consistency, but the rides get shorter and/or easier.

You don’t need to do anything special to prep for the ramp; just treat it like a regular training day.


True - I’d go as far as making sure that you don’t do anything special for the ramp test.


I like Bob’s suggestion: Copy a recovery week from one of the plans.

Ideally from the last week of the base plan you choose to go with next week. Maybe delete the light Friday session and think about subbing in Truuli -1 on the Sunday session as an opener for the Ramp Test just to get the body going again. Truuli workout on Sunday before a Ramp Test was a suggestion from Coach Chad at one time.

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Thank you for the suggestion, Truuli workout on Sunday followed by a rest day (Monday) and Ramp test on Tuesday, is that what you are suggesting.

Whatever you do prior to a Ramp Test, try and be consistent.

I need a (light) warmup so do the LSCT workout. I actually do it as my first workout of the week to track HRR but on Ramp Test days it serves two purposes.


That’s what I would do, but some people may want to switch the Sunday and Monday. Think back about how your body has responding to recovery weeks and rest days and adjust what works for you. Consistency moving forward is definitely the key.

I would use what you’ve been doing for the past 2 years. I find long form to be better than a short form ramp. It is also better to gauge your LTHR than a ramp test.