JOIN cycling app

Yep, works fine for too. I often forget to “plan” my rides, and the plan always updates afterwards.


Same here. Working properly for me - and I just did it yesterday. You do have to remember to “add the activity to the training plan”, say that it wasn’t the workout, and give it an RPE.

I did a 2.5 hour ride, 9 RPE, unplanned. It adjusted my plan by giving me 2 rest days instead of 1 rest day, and moved a VO2 max workout out a few days and put some tempo and endurance before that.

If you are adding it and nothing changes, then JOIN likely believes the impact was not enough to warrant changing things at all.


I think this is the issue, and I find it is a problem. I did some solid Vo2 work, and the workout for next day was adapted to some 30:30’s, like if it was a good idea.

So it IS adapting, you just don’t think the result is what it should be. Did you give it an RPE that reflected it?

To be honest, idk if it’s adapting because I had chosen a diff workout for begin with, but I like to peek to see what the system is recommending.

I rated it a 5, I did the work an rode easy for 2 hours.

I’m confused over what exactly you’ve done and what you’re expecting, so I’ll just walk away from this conversation. It’s too much thinking for a Sunday.


Works fine for me, had a workout planned, did a enduarance ride insread and it adapted tomorrows ride no issues

Before Scoring mo mondays ride

After Scoring mondays ride

Are you associating free rides, with planned workouts ?

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Yes. My point is that looking at the recomendación, it doesn’t look like it look at what I did. It could be just a difference in approaches.

Sorry i can’t help, I posted my tomorrows recomendation before uploading and scoring todays ride and after, and as you can see it changed, not sure what a difference in approach means, as it jiust did it for me

I’d contact support if you are interested in the app

*** Edit

IF this yes is to do with

Then I think the Yes should be no

But like I said contact support, as I’m not fully understand what you are doing / expoecting / happening, good luck


I think I made this more confusing than it is, the simple context is that I don’t agree with the adaptation of suggesting 30:30’s after vo2 work, but I guess there’s room for debate there.

You can have it suggest other options and see if other suggestions are more to your liking, if still not then you can choose your own workout instead and it’ll adapt. If you find yourself constantly disagreeing because you want to do things your way, then JOIN likely isn’t for you.


7 days remaining on my indoor plan, at 153% progress. It still holds on till the very end giving me a suggested workout on the last day, and includes a gif which made me smile. Still undecided on what plan to go to next. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Cool, and good to know! I’m at 100% progress and was wondering what will happen next since I have about a month to go till the end of the current plan.

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If you rated your vo2 workout 5/10 it probably thinks you’ve got capacity for more work the next day. Change your RPE score and see what it does.


Got to give credit to TR letting this thread run here. Join is a legit competitor and not just some cheap slapped together app.


out of curiosity.
is Laurens ten Dam only a spokes person for the app or is he using JOIN app himself as well?

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He uses the app for his regular training plan.

However, Jim, the founder of Join, is also a trainer, and close friend, so for special goals or training camps and such it has been mentioned in the Podcast that Jim helps Laurens modify, or overrule the Join-program.


I feel like the podcast is very good…too bad it’s not in English.


Question regarding the app and adding competitions to the plan.

Do I have to start a separate plan for each event? For example I have a gravel event coming in July, then in the beginning of August. How should I approach this? Pick an A event and use this as main goal and the other ones just happen to be in the mean time?

At the moment I don’t see the possibility to set my races and that the plan would take them in to consideration.

There is no support for multiple goals, so you pick one and go for that. On the roadmap for this year is “subgoals” which may cover this, but there’s been no further details yet.