It's offical we are in the end of days

I mean come on Ernesto but WTH?

In my youth, as a LBS rat, I lusted after those racks of Colnago frames hanging from the rafters. Like a collection of colorful Christmas tree decorations. Just out of reach physically and financially. The ESAMexico was a particular thing for me back then.

30 K$ for a replica TdF bike…? Damn… that’s another youthful joy spiked…

What next, Bianchi selling bikes that are not Celeste? Campagnolo making fishing gear?


Wow that is pretty grotesque. But I don’t blame him for doing this if people are going to buy them!

However, is Pogacar’s actual bike even worth that? There’s nothing that special about a replica to me

Quite a few of these are going to end up hanging on walls in the UAE.


Unfortunately, there is no dura-ace version, but with the ultegra you do get a hagane gear and aero wrap oscillation.


Like 232 of them. lol
Will anyone really pay that for that bike?

They already do them in black :slight_smile:

There are more than 232 dentists in the world… So yes they will sell out quick…


I’m already trolling dental forums looking for the second hand SL7’s!

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I think you mean trawling.

Although maybe you are trolling them as well. :grinning:

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I agree. If this seems grotesque, let’s direct our anger at the staggering, absurd inequality we have allowed to run away from us over the last few decades

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No we won’t.

Insanity. Another grotesque example is the “Founders Edition” of the new Aethos frame being $5K more expensive than the already overpriced S-Works model. Founders? Frame has ZERO history. WTH? Marketing to the ego of humans is a thing.