Issue with Tacx Neo Speed Readings

Hi guys,

I just came across with a very strange problem.

As this is my rest week, I decided to do my workouts with Powermatch. After the first workout, I saw that my average speed was 85kmph :slight_smile:

I did another workout last night and came across the same issue. Here is my findings;

  • When I pair Tacx Neo via Bluetooth as Electronic trainer, speed shows OK. No issues. TR software transfers the data OK.

  • When I pair Tacx Neo via ANT+ as Electronic Trainer, speed shows incorrect. Speed reading problem. TR software transfers average speed way above average :slight_smile:

  • When I use Speed and Cadence sensor on Tacx Neo and leave Tacx Neo as electronic trainer via ANT+, TR software reads speed from Speed and Cadence sensor but Tacx still shows high speed. TR software transfer data OK.

Tacx Neo and TR App are both at latest firmware and version.

For clarity, I am attaching my screen shots. Any ideas?


Just to get this out of the way… speed on training like this is irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue:
Now on to your question.

It is most likely because you have a different wheel size (tire setting or circumference) set in each. You would need to have the same tire size set for both to get the same “speed”.

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Yeah but you do power match then speed also replicates to TP then Strava. Then have to respond all that funny comments :joy::joy::joy:

I will check the wheel size but why it is not happening when connected via BB

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