Issue of adding sealant to road tires with inserts


i am looking for some hack to insert sealant to road tires + vittoria road inserts. I can not use the provided three hole tubeless valve while it is too short.

I have tried both the typical ways of adding sealant

  1. through valve after removing the core (both with purpose made bottle and notubes injector). Issue is that the insert is so tight that i can not push the sealant through.
  2. inserting sealant before tire is fully seated in rimbed. Also this did not work while there were no room for sealant to be between insert and tire. Also tried to add after seating the tire by using purpose made tool to make small break between the wheel and tire.

Now i am looking for two options that came to my mind:

  1. use tire booster to push the sealant + air combination after removing valve core. Has any one tried this one?
  2. Alternative i will do hack of adding small hex tool tool inside of the sealant bottle. Basically the hex tool to stick out enough to press the insert away from the valve and simultaneously push the sealant through. I see issues if the small enough hex is able to push the insert away or will it just go through. Alternatively it might be that sealant doesnt flow while the tool is taking most of the space between the bottle hole and valve.

Any comments or another bright ideas?

Get longer valves that are designed for inserts, or use a valve extender.

If you use a valve with only one hole at the top, you might find that the insert can get stuck to it, and you can’t let any air out of the tyre to take it back off…

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Yeah, i know this option exists but i rather would avoid it until next time to change tires. BTW you can easily release air by removing valve core and press with small hex tool the insert away from valve.

Use a straw to push the sealant into the tyre, but make holes into the side of the straw too? Sort of like the insert-specific valves.

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Do it now rather than wait, the longer you wait and the more sealant you add the harder it becomes to unseat and reseat. And unfortunately I speak from experience

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Valve extenders quickly become clogged with sealant


I did eventually test using the tire booster to press the sealant to tire. It kind of worked. I was able to push around half of the sealant until the booster nozzle got stucked. So it looks the sealant that i used can fix around 2.5mm hole even in high pressure scenario :slight_smile: .

Ofcourse i had to then clean up the the booster by taking it a part to clean the nozzle inside of hose. So most likely next time i will just do it easy way.

Could you use a syringe with a longer thinner tube that you can push deeper into the wheel bed beyond the insert blockage. Something like this one for example Giant Tubeless Sealant Refill & Check Syringe - Alf Jones Cycles

I’ve not had this issue with my campag extenders and orange seal