Is the average Joe/Jo over thinking training?

As an older type A athlete who likes to read the latest ideas on training, but have always struggled to follow a plan. I am now thinking the most important things for improvement are:

  1. Consistency of training
  2. Enjoyment

What is important for you?

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I fully expect this basic question to be addressed in the pending “deep dive” in training that they guys have hinted is coming.

I think we will learn (or emphasize already known) details that can be applied for the best application to our training.

Essentially, they have already stated that consistency seems to matter a lot (maybe most).

As we have discussed in other threads, the best training plan is one that you can follow and complete as planned. The particulars of one approach over another probably are secondary to actually doing the workouts as planned for time (calendar) as well as completeness of the intended training stress and duration (TSS and time).