Is it possible for an amateur to change their rider phenotype?

I have a consistent 1600W peak power without doing any sprint training, sometimes over 1700W. I can also hold 1000W for 30 seconds without specialized training for it. These aren’t superhuman numbers, but they’re also not rubbish either. However, my FTP by any definition has never been as good ‘as it should be’. People have literally laughed out loud on fast drop rides when I say it’s under 300W.

So, I train for my weakness which is sustained FTP efforts or IRL over-unders. Otherwise, I won’t be there for the sprint. Plus, I’ll spend a good portion of a fast ride barely hanging on if it’s a rotating small group, which can turn a nice ride miserable.

I’d rather have a bigger FTP than my sprint. Definitely having a hard time increasing it, though. Breaking my BOA dials is getting old; pulling away and staying away on our rolling courses would be more satisfying.


What I wouldn’t give for 1000w for even 5 seconds on a regular basis :rofl:. And an FTP more than 300 too :confounded::rofl:

In today’s world it seems you can an change everything - your gender, sex, species - you name it :joy:. So your rider type should be the easiest?! But to stay in touch of reality, if you are not a pro and not paid to ride your bike then you can decide which type of rider you are. Go with all-rounder and if your A event demands something else then lean your training and body comp to that direction.

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