Is calibrating important?

Only hearing about this calibrating now. Have my smart training a couple of weeks now. Got my FTP and happy with workouts but do I need to calibrate trainer every so often and what exactly does it do. I have an elite novu smart trainer.

Do you have a power meter on your bike? What trainer are you using?

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Elite novu smart trainer with built in PM.

The Calibration function of the TR app isn’t true calibration - I forget with podcast they explained it on. I think it’s basically checking if the device is reading a value when not in use, then compensating for it.

It’s not checking the device is measuring true against a known good input, which is what calibration really means.

If I recall correctly, of course.

In reality, I do it before most rides and get a slight flunctuation of 2 or 3. Significant cold and heat as the seasons change affect the value too.

Hmm. I think this is a Halfords exclusive trainer. Is that where you bought it? It takes the “smart” part from a Qubo Digital Smart B+ and puts it in the Novo Force chasis.

I don’t know the specifics of that trainer, but since it’s a wheel on trainer, I would expect it to have some kind of spin-down calibration function. Since you’re not using a PM on your bike, the recommendation would be to warm up the trainer for 10 mins or so (during your workout warm up) and then do a spin down for every ride to keep things nice and accurate. The gauges are sensitive to atmospheric changes, especially temperature.

This may be helpful to you if you’re unsure about calibration on the Elite:


how do you perform a spindown? btw I own an Elite Smart Qubo B+ as well. :slight_smile:

I think I’d start with this video

Depends on the trainer. I generally don’t calibrate my trainer. I also use Assioma pedals so I usually record two sources of power. I spot check them every now and then to make sure nothing is crazy but between the elite and the pedals I only calibrate every few months at most.

Elite Novo calibration as instructed by Elite.

Good luck!