IQ2 Power Meter

Firstly, contract law does apply but the contract you are entering is not a contract for the sale of goods. It’s an agreement that you will invest in their company with a view to getting a finished product if there ever is one.

Secondly the pedal design is more expensive to manufacture than the original device, why would it be a bait and switch in that direction? Doesn’t compute.

They ran into an unsurmountable problem, which would’ve been the perfect time to run away with all our money if they had intended to. Instead they put themselves in a hole trying to get a product to market that still meets the needs of a vast majority of their backers.

That alone has convinced me that their hearts are in the right place, they are just terrible at communication and very naive.


What the project and deliverable in exchange for funding? They ran into a unsurmountable problem that was not part of the fund raising because they said it was already solved! Second, it was to be completed over two years ago. That’s the bait and the switch is the pedal that hasn’t materialized.

So what was the funding for? What was the project? When the triple constraint of a project (schedule, scope, & budget) changes beyond recognition, it’s no longer the same project. Were you given a choice to accept that change or back out? (Back to the funding criteria, again.) That choice was not given. You maybe fine with the substitution, but that doesn’t change the facts.


Someone appearing to represent iqsquare has posted a comment on one of their own Facebook posts (with all the usual aspirational hashtags) with an update:

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Honestly, they’re so full of shit. I appreciate I’m not being polite but there’s ZERO reason they can’t get all the other parts ready for the PCBs to turn up.

So what will happen next is that the PCBs will turn up and then the rest of the parts will be unavailable, because reasons…

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Pardon my ignorance but what is a PCBA and where does it go in terms of production process?

It stands for printed circuit board assembly, it’s basically the electronics that make the pedal smart

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Printed circuit board assembly. Includes the circuit board itself and all the components that are soldered to it. For a pedal-based power meter, it’s basically all the electronics.

Yup, agreed.
To be honest, it still seems as if they are stemming against the tide.

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I had been a backer of the Spinn Coffee Maker for about 2.5-3 years when they had promised a 9 month deliver from initial backing. At 3 years I managed to get my money back. About a year later, they finally managed to get a device out. I wasn’t in the mood to wait that long, but they finally produced something.

It is just the nature of kickstarter things.

I have several that I have received a device, and definitely a few big ticket items that were never delivered. You are never promised a product in a funding platform.

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I wish people would remember for a minute this isn’t only a Kickstarter deal, these guys have been taking pre orders on their website for quite some time now and can’t get off the hook quite so easy


Agreed - but many people will be going to the iqsquare website (unaware of the Kickstarter/ Indiegogo background) and look to place a ‘pre-order’ and be told that it will ship in December 2020 … when it clearly won’t.


It says Q1 2021 now, but with every passing month the promised delivery also moves another month. Carrot on a stick

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I really wish people would stop making patronising comments about IQ2 backers not knowing what a kickstarter project is. I think we’re all fully aware. The problem here is IQ2 have systematically lied about the product - at launch and consistently since. As far as I’m concerned that gives me every right to feel angry.


I don’t know that they are lying. I think they are incompetent.

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More excuses. So over two years of underestimating the task at hand makes one incompetent but saying it’s be ready next month months after months doesn’t equate to a lie. May be after the first few misses but at some point it becomes more than a delusion. Keep the faith.

Should never attribute to malice what can be adequately attributed to stupidity.

I just get the feeling they really want it to work but just don’t know how to finish up.


I say lying because at launch they claimed their meters were “fully tested” and only needed the money for production. Lie 1. The concept was so fatally flawed that it would/should have bee revealed by even cursory testing. Lie 1 - first and biggest.

Since then they have given numerous dates for delivery, knowing at the time they didn’t have the physical components, let alone time for testing. Lies 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Many of the subsequent lies have been used to attract more funding from their online store knowing full well that stated delivery dates were physically impossible.

I’m not sure what else to call those other than lies.

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Another social media post showing 10s of axles, hopefully this means at least a few might be getting something this year

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