iPhone app to emulate Garmin Edge?

Is there an iPhone app that will make the iPhone emulate a Garmin edge using data from a Fenix? Seems like buying an Edge and carrying it is redundant if you have the phone and the watch already. Might as well just bar mount the phone and call it good.

Your best bet is probably to mount the watch to your bars: Garmin Accessories | Watch Bands, Charging Cables and more.

I’d rather smash my Garmin in a wreck than my phone.


I’ll pass on wrecking either. Just looking to have 1 less piece of expensive tech in my life.

I’m not sure I have the battery life to have it running like that for 3-4+ hours and still have enough “just in case” juice.

definitely a consideration

On an older iPhone in 2016 and 2017 I’ve used RideWithGPS in airplane mode and had no problem recording over twice that time.

Yes, but riding in airplane mode doesn’t allow for crash detection or live tracking to work, you know for the “just in case” situations.

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I haven’t bothered using my iPhone to track in years, no idea what battery life is without running a test using an app like RideWithGPS. However if I did want to use my phone, and I had say a 10-16 hour event in the mountains with no (or very little) cell coverage, and wanted to not use airplane mode despite lack of cell coverage, and determined battery life was an issue, then I’d buy a battery case or simply use the Anker lipstick battery I’ve used in the past. :man_shrugging: