Integrating Cycling Training Around Other Complex Sports

After much searching, I could not turn up something that was really applicable. There’s plenty of discussion of running obviously, whether triathlon or stand alone, but not more involved and varied sports.

Specifically what I am wondering is experience and results of building cycling training around another primary sport, particularly one with high physical output/toll.

A little background about me, I race yachts at what I would best describe to cyclists as at a Pro Continental level. The America’s Cup or Volvo would be WT level for comparison. It’s not quite a direct analogy but it puts you in the ballpark. We don’t get prize money for one, we get paid by boat owners, and I’m someone who does boat work/ program management so like a combination of DS/Soigneur who is also racing at the same time. On the similarity side there is no real unified structure and each race is it’s own stand alone thing for the most part other than local series.

Anyhoo, the physical output is pretty extreme in offshore sailing. What I’m trying to find a best practice for is quantifying the stress and fatigue around this and how to structure cycling training. After a 300 mile race, I can be anywhere from tired for two days, or completely shattered for a week depending on the conditions. My plan currently has a yacht race falling in the first week of the second half of build, so on the front side, I am pretty good to slide the recovery week up, and do a 2 on, 1 off, 1 on then race. The back side I don’t have an idea where to realistically try and pick back up. Rolling into a hard Tuesday workout seems counterproductive.

Any one who has successfully navigated this in the past, would love to hear your strategies. And any other reference works appreciated as well, encompassing any and all outside sports outside cross country running or swimming.