Insulated Water Bottle Fight

Living in Texas it gets ridiculously hot. I’m looking for the best insulated bottles to keep my drinks cold. Anybody have experience with the elite nanofly? Other recommendations?

Camelback Podium Chill.


Seriously, the best out there in my experience. Polar bottles are far inferior. I have started 3 hour rides w/ Chill bottles (admittedly frozen at the start) and still had cool liquid at the end. In 80+* heat.

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Elite deboyo with the caveat that ice cubes rattle in a stainless steel bottle. It does the job though.

After years of the Camelback bottles, I’ve gone to the Polar ones. I was always trying to find ways to get the black out of the Camelback lids and the Polar is just so much cleaner and easier.

With both bottles, depending on temperature, I freeze different amounts the night before and let them melt during the ride. With both, even if you start the ride with a full block of ice, about 2-3 hours is the most before they become lukewarm. Power13 might well be right that one lasts longer than the other though.

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Soak them in sodium percarbonate overnight and then blast with a hose. That’ll normally do the job for me unless I leave carb mix in there for a couple of days during summer. That requires dismantling prior to soaking.

I’ve only ever used the Podium Chill bottles so I can’t comment on the others. I normally fill them the night before and stick them in the fridge. Add a few ice cubes if it’s summer (Queensland, Aus).

I’ve got half a dozen of them laying around. Just enough ammo for a decent insulated water bottle fight.

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The recently redesigned their caps to make it easy to clean… You can buy caps to retrofit on the older bottles…

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When? I just bought one and can’t believe the amount of small parts for a bottle? Lol.

+1 for Polar.

I like the idea of aluminum bottles. I have one for day to day and keep the water cold for like 12 hours… Problem with this for bikes is that there is no way to squeeze the water, making it impossible to refill the aero water bottle

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Maybe a year or two ago…
My bottles are older, so i have the terrible caps… Such a pain to clean…

I live in Dallas and I just opt for non-insulated bottles because they carry more water. Mildly warm water is not that bad (well compared to running out of water)

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I was always trying to find ways to get the black out of the Camelback lids

I picked up a bottle brush and it came with a little nipple cleaner (for baby bottles). I found that device works perfectly for cleaning up my Camelbak bottle lids. Once the lids have been hand scrubbed and run through the dishwasher, they’re good to go.