Install road chainrings on power2max on gravel bike (3t exploro)

hello there,

I want to purchase power2max ngeco powermeter.
My bike is a 3t exploro which comes with sub-compact grx-600 46-30 chainrings.
I want to buy the road version of power2max and install road chainring either compact or semi-compact. it does not matter. i

I am wondering if that is doable on the bike see picture

i am just wondering if it’s going to fit.
if i check the gravel version of power2max and the road version they have the same q-factor. of 148 which is midway between grx 151 q-factor and ultregra 146.

I know i will probably need to change the FD. even if the difference between subcompact and compact is the same (16t) 46/30 vs 50/34 or 52/36.
does anyone know if i may encounter cleareance issues? i measured the clearance between chainstay and crank and i have about 10mm on the NDS
this bike was purchased originally as gravel but i use for road. as you can see i already put gp5k tubeless tires and i recently upgrade the wheels as well. I use it as a pure road bike.

power2max comes with aldhu 24 cranks so i do not have to change my bottom bracket… but perhaps i must change the spindle and get the wide version from rotor?

thank you for your input.


You need to check the clearence by the chainring teeth, the larger chainrings may hit the chainstay

I do not understand what do you mean.

Like redlude said you need to check the changing clearance, measured at the position of the new chainline. 3T should tell you the max chainring size and chainline your frame can fit. (Chainline is the distance side to side from the front-back center line of the bike to the middle of the chainrings).

Beware that GRX derailleur is designed for a wider chainline than road cranks. There is a GRX crank that’s 48/31, so you might be able to buy new chainrings only and get closer to your desired gearing. If you can run a cassette with a 10 tooth small cog, then you would have 48/10 which is same as 53/11 road gearing.

Ask 3T’s service. They are very nice. Or ask the question on their blog. Gerhard Vroomen might answer you personally.

But I think 50-tooth chainrings should fit no problem. Plus, 48-tooth chainrings are not too far off. Are you sure you need that tall a gear?

would it be possible to still use the compact chainrings by replacing the road axle by this one per instance:

this has a 46mm chainline. the same that p2m provides in their ‘gravel’ powemeter.