Inside vs. Outside Cadence

Noticed over the last 12 months that my self selected cadence while cycling outdoors (including TR outdoor workouts) is 10 rpm lower than my self selected cadence in TR workouts on the turbo in ERG mode.
a. Is this normal?
b. Should i consider doing indoor workouts closer to my outdoor self selected cadence, vice versa or not bother at all?

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Perfectly normal and it applies to quite a few people.
Don’t worry about changing it unless you’re grinding along at 60rpm.


What trainer do you have?

What gearing are you using in ERG?

As said perfectly normal. I usually spin away indoors at 100rpm + unless I fall into the Spiral of death around the hour mark. Outside I’ve got a variable cadence and it’ll only be 90rpm average on a flat out TT; most ride will be in the 65-89rpm average range depending on intensity. I’ll vary considerably either side of that too (the standard deviation will be large).

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hi chad,
Little ring at the front (36) and whatever gear at the back gives me a straight chain line 23 or 25 i think

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OK, depending on your preferences and goals, you may want to try a faster gearing, to get the trainer flywheel moving quicker.

Would be good to swap straight to the big ring, keep the rear where it was and see how you adjust your cadence as the same efforts. Depending on a range of factors, you may find that the faster flywheel will lead to a more similar cadence to your outside riding.

Anytime I see comments about differences inside /outside, I look for the places where things “aren’t the same”. These may be items to review and alter (if possible) to close the gap between the two.

As mentioned, this may be a non-issue. But in the vain of the “Theory of Specificity” with an aim to “train like you plan to ride/race”, I think it’s appropriate to try and reduce if not eliminate the differences.

Makes sense. Im on a training sabbatical this week and next for overtraining reasons, but when im back on, ill definitely look to swap chianring and also experiment with cadences during the easier base phase

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