Injury, how to proceed

I have a hip injury that is persisting that just won’t completely heal.

I am halfway through SS base LV2. I really want to keep it up, but feel like I have to stop for a week in order to give my hip a rest.

After my week off, Should I just continue where I left off or omit those rides completely and stick with the original calendar schedule.

I’d consult a physician.

:+1:I’ve got a physiotherapist appointment for tomorrow.

I just really don’t want to miss very much training

Nobody ever wants to hear this, I’ve been guilty of it a few times however, if you’re injured, in the long run, it’s better to stop, rest, let it heal and continue. Soldiering on is mentally debilitating as you’re not following the plan etc etc.


I’m just coming back from a injury, and there is one rule, do what the physio says, you might not want to miss much training, but it’s usually a little now, or a lot later. If your seeing a physio tomorrow take their advice NOT what somebody who hasn’t seen your injury says

Even pro’s stop when they are injured

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Try to find a doctor with a background in sports medicin and get a consult. The circumstances we are in are very different from the general population, so most doctors don’t know or don’t take these things into account. That’s simple things: is a resting heart rate of 58 elevated or not? For the general population, that’s probably on the low end, but for many of us here, that is high.

Also, I’d err on stopping training completely for now, take your pain seriously and only after getting a green light from your doc should you continue.

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Stop training. Don’t mess with hip injuries. If you miss two weeks and it heals, you’ll come back a lot faster than if you keep trying to train, make it worse and have to shut it down for three months. Ask me how I know.

I’d wait to train until you can spin and recover pain free. Like totally pain free.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the feedback.

I’m new to Trainer road but I am blown away by how much value I am getting from the whole package.

Training. This Forum. And the Podcast👍


A good Physio or Kinesiologist should be able to help you with this. Often specific strength and/or flexibility sessions can help.

See what your physio recommends. If you have to take a week off then I would restart training by just going back and redoing the last week that you completed of the training plan. If you need longer off then it would probably make sense to restart the training plan from scratch. The most important thing, as everyone else has said, is making sure that you recover from the injury properly. Pushing through may feel like the thing to do at this point but you need to look after yourself so that you can get the best from yourself in the future.

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Agree with all the advise here, better sort it now losing a week or two than to push through it and lose weeks or months in the spring/summer

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I really feel for you, so frustrating when you feel like you’re in the swing of a good tranche of consistent training. I’ve just finished my second week of complete rest, zero activity, after damaging ligaments on the front of my ankle. I’m borderline exercise obsessed and it feels like an eternity. I was 6 weeks into IM Base with an ironman on the horizon at the end of June. If I follow the physio advice now there is still a chance I can compete. Hips knees and ankle aren’t to be messed with and whilst it is frustrating, esp watching your peers rack up time and miles, some time now will pay dividends down the road.

Maybe consider working on the other things that can make you fast or your training more effective. For example bike and kit maintenance, sell off some unused stuff if possible to free up money to buy some speed, batch cooking some helathy meals or snacks. I’m thinking of a propoer drivetrain strip down, waxing the chain, selling kit to fund some wheels etc. Or learn a new skill - I’ve become quite a dab hand at baking bread!


It’s only the anaerobic stuff that degrades quickly, your endurance/FTP should hold well for weeks.

Obvs needs professional medical advice, perhaps more than a physio, but I’d be surprised if they advised no indoor cycling at all. Active recovery and all that.