Injury between SSB Low vol 1 and 2

Hi all.

After completing SSB low volume 1, I’ve been forced to take a break from the bike due to horrible lower back pain! I play ice hockey, primarily sit at work, and obviously, cycle. I think a lack of stretching/strengthening routine to help balance the imbalances has contributed to my injury, so that’s on me.

Anyway, after a few visits to the chiropractor and an incorporation of a core strengthening routine, my pain is lessening. I am hoping to get back on the bike regularly in a couple of weeks time. Despite this setback I have still been able to continue with hockey practice but my back pain is still aggravated on the bike. My concern is a loss of bike specific fitness and whether I need to start again at SSB 1 due to the extended break, or whether I can ramp test again and continue into SSB 2?

Really disappointed with the timing of this injury as I was on a good roll with the TR workouts. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey there!

I’m really sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been experiencing! There are a few things that you can do to help prevent this painful issue from recurring.

Consider incorporating some core stability exercises into your training. These tend to help lessen the stress placed on your lower back by minimizing unwanted movement and helping to improve your on-bike posture.
Another thing you may want to pursue is a professional bike. An improper fit can cause strange kinks in your back or cause unwanted swaying that can damage your lower back.

As for how to resume training, it’s tough to recommend a course of action without knowing the total time that you’ve been off the bike. That being said, this Help Center article should address all possible time frames, and recommend the optimal course of action.

I hope this clears things up for you!

@Bryce Thank you for your input.

I have read this article in the past and I must admit that I forgot about it so will re-visit again.

I have been off the TR workouts for about 3 weeks now. But have still been active on the ice and some light outdoor rides before my back discomfort becomes too much.