Inexpensive (?) aero handlebar suggestions

Great info, I’ve been looking into an aerobar for quite some time now without finding one that feels 100%. The Easton offering only misses out on one point, it doesn’t have a opening so the di2 cable can pass through the stem. I really like the shape so I think I will buy me one for my birthday.

Just to clarify my post - I don’t run my Di2 cable through the stem, either, it comes out with the brake hose to the rear and is shrink-wrapped with the hose. No hole on the EC70 for running the cable into the stem.

Regarding the shape, when I initially ordered it, I also ordered a Zipp SL-70 aero bar, a Ritchey WCS Carbon Streem II, an alu Profile Design DRV/AeroA 120, and an alu Bontrager Elite Aero VR-CF. The Ritchey was too round in the drops, I like the flatter section on the Eastons, comfortable for long stretches. The Zipps also had a short flat in the drops, not big enough for my hands (which aren’t big), but what really bothered me about the Zipps was the back edge of the aero section, it dug into my palms, and I didn’t like the forward sweep. On long climbs I like to hold the top flat sections, which was more comfortable on the Eastons. Have a bit under 14,000 km on the Eastons since last April, and would buy them again.

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It seems like you and I have the same preference regarding bar shape :wink:

This to will give a clean enough look I guess. Thanks for clearing that out. Careful placement of the Di2 cable behind the brake hose will leave a nice drop shape :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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