Increasing HR Year-Over-Year

Is it possible to have an HR that increases over last year for a similar workout/wattage? RPE seems similar, and so does respiratory rate. Not sure what’s going on. Sleep is good, work is easier than it has been.

I’m 33 and have been on TR for maybe 5 years. Just have had increased HR’s kind of across the board this year. Finished last year at FTP 358w and am sitting more stagnant at 328w so far this year. Not increasing FTP at the same rate as years past.

Goal race: SBT GRVL

Just checked back, and I’m not seeing a lot of “red light” days, but I’m seeing some yellow days here and there, none with any big workouts on them.

Have you changed your cooling at all. As you know indoor training can mess with your HR based on cooling/lack of?

Same cooling, actually. Same 2 fans, lasko floor dryer and Lasko WindMachine, in a similar setting.

Thx for chiming in.

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No worries, Hope you find a solution.

Definitely global warming

Any changes to caffeine intake or medications?

I was curious about this because of the Power vs HR graph (which might be the source of your question).

Here are my last four seasons of similar data. I’m a similar age to you and similar power.

I think it’s really hard for the engine to get properly accurate data points when you’re talking about marginal improvements. If you see it looks like this year’s track has me having a much better endurance z2 than any other year, but it’s a wash (or even worse) at higher % threshold.

You’ll also notice that the compairson breaks down at super low and super high % of threshold, so I really only use it to compare aerobic endurance (like 50-95% ftp).

Long story short;

  1. You said you are less fit this year (by ftp). That will mean your HR will be higher for a given power output.

  2. You’re older and starting to move towards vo2 degredation (obviously very small atm but).

  3. You aren’t training in the same way / fuelling in the same way.