In too deep: event strategy help, please!

No GI issues for me in this case.

I’ve done 60g/hr with zero problem for a long time, and all I wanted was 70g/hr this time. But I ended up getting only 44g/hr because all my carbs go into my drink, and I was drinking about 650ml/hr when I had planned for 900ml/hr. Less water meant less fuel.

I’m sure I’d have been able to go for longer – though I don’t know how much longer – if I’d gotten the 70g/hr I had planned.


That’s a massive effort, congratulations! I’m glad you kept on riding and did not give up. That kind of mentality will serve you well, you won’t necessarily suffer less, you’ll just be faster :wink:

It sounds like you have also some good take-aways. Do you have an idea how to implement those in your training?