Improve "Power Zones" Display in Workout/Ride Summary List (Feature Request)

The “Power Zones” list starts at the top with the Easy/Low Power info, and then goes to the next most powerful zone and so on.

The power zones as displayed in the graph are the exact opposite, with the Hard/High Power info at the top, and goes down to the next most powerful zone with the Easy/Low Power on the bottom.

Current layout - Low zone (Active Recovery selected for highlighting):

Current layout - High zone (Anaerobic selected for highlighting):


  • I think it would be more direct and logical if the list in the Power Zones section matched the order from the graph, with high power at the top, and low power at the bottom.
    • Anaerobic
    • VO2 Max
    • Threshold
    • Sweet Spot
    • Tempo
    • Endurance
    • Active Recovery
    • Coasting


Graphs!!! That table is hard to digest no matter the order.


Totally with you there. Maybe we should morph this request. I could prefer bar charts, pie charts, line graphs or other better methods of a graphical nature.

I struggle to read the details in the list, look at the percentages and such. The summaries in Training Peaks (and other apps) are much more direct and easy to digest.

Here is the graph of the same event from my free TP account:

  • This shows a mouse hover on a zone to see the details.
  • I think the summary info for each zone should be displayed without the need to hover, directly under each zone.

Edit to add some info from the Elevate plugin for Strava on Chrome:

I am open to any improvement really, as the current one is not user friendly at all, IMHO.

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The basics:

  • add a graph of power time-in-zone
  • don’t remove features
  • show compliance to planned time-in-zone (particularly helpful for resistance mode and outside rides)
  • make it awesome

and I leave the design details in TR’s capable hands.


Three thumbs up for your summary.
Well stated (as usual :smiley: )


Thanks for the feedback @bbarrera and @mcneese.chad!

While our development resources are currently focused on improving the applications, I will bring this up with the team for consideration. As we complete the work on the apps, we will have more resources available for improvements on the web side :+1:.

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