Ideas for Temporary Modification Due to Injury?

I am only allowed to ride on the trainer sitting all the way up with no pressure on my arms for a few weeks due to a pec/shoulder/neck injury. Either that or no bike at all… Should I create some kind of handlebar contraption to hang onto? Anyone have any ideas to make it less awkward? I’m not planning on completing any wild workouts, but was hoping just to put in some Z2 mileage if that’s not impossible. Thanks for any ideas!

  • For what purpose?
  • Are you able to pedal your bike on the trainer in an upright position without holding the bars? If so, and it’s comfortable to do so, there is no need to make a change.
  • Hard to say without clarity on what is awkward.

In no particular order, here are some quick ideas.

  • Ride your current setup sitting upright with no changes.
  • Consider buying a recumbent bike (not common, but can be found used in CL & FB) for an upright and seated posture.
  • Consider buying a “comfort” bike that has a very upright posture, but not the same as recumbent above. Same consideration for used and these can often be snagged for $100-$300 USD.
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Use a doorway with a suspended bar across it like for chin-ups or stretching. You can move it up or down depending on where you need to keep your hands/arms. Maybe behind you to open up your chest ?


I used the trainer while my arm was in a sling. No issues with sitting up and riding.

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How did that work out with the aero bars?

That’s good to hear, thanks! Did you lean on the other arm some or just ride sitting straight up. I’m a little worried about the (ahem) sit bones having to take most of my weight.

Sitting up. I don’t generally have sit bone issues, instead some thin skin (?) issues at the top of my right leg where it meets my undercarriage (no clue what that is called). I use a very narrow saddle to avoid rubbing.

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Hey there! Sorry to hear about your injury. If you’re looking for a way to make riding on the trainer more comfortable and less awkward, creating a handlebar contraption could be a good idea. You could try attaching some padding or foam grips to the handlebars to provide extra cushioning and support. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional or reaching out to a pharmacy might be helpful in finding specialized equipment or accessories that can alleviate discomfort during your rides. Take care and I hope you’re able to get some Z2 mileage in soon!

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Thanks for the well wishes @Kenneth_Lester! I am heading back to the physio today and will see what she has to say. I am thankful to have found someone who also rides and has other patients who are cyclists. It does seem to make a difference. Sitting up wasn’t too bad and did end up working some hip and core muscles that clearly needed some work, so maybe it’ll be good in the end. If I end up having to ride like this for a long time, I may have to see about different handlebars. Thanks for the idea about the pharmacy. I hadn’t thought to ask there, but it sure couldn’t hurt, so I’ll try that next time I go.