I was told my Resting Heart Rate is very low. I think it's ok

I am 47 and my resting HR varies from 32 when well trained to 36 when detrained. There is genetic and age element as well.
Back in Feb-Mar it was 32 - 33 BPM. I had to go to the Doctors for what turned out to be Anaemia (not great thing to suffer from for an Endurance Athlete,) but before that they did all the normal checks and on discovering my HR was 33 sent me for a ECG.

When they hooked me up I was expecting the reading to be 10 BPM or so higher from running around from room to room and the stress but on the bed it was 33. The nurse that ‘plugged me in’ so to speak, noticed I was wearing running clothing (base layer) and said “Are you a Marathon runner” I replied “No., I cycle a lot and have a history of Endurance sports, I ran before knackering my ankles, wish I still could, love running.” She replied, “I thought so, noticed your base layer, suspected Marathon runner and I said to myself he is going have a low HR, expected about 40 but yours might be the lowest I have ever seen.”

Long story short, checked out okay and we had a good chat about heart rhythms and pulses rates.

She pointed that out.

She also pointed out the amplitude on the Booms is different.

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Had the same thing last year. They had the alarm set at 50, as soon as I relaxed it triggered. They just ignored it (and me).

Mine is 32 bpm when very fit. Has been less than 40 since I started tri/marathons in the 1990’s…got flu last Feb - new I was ill as it was 72bpm…imagine some people are like that all the time :grinning:

Does anyone here do there workouts based on resting HR, for eg if you HR is more than 5 beats above your avg you would have an easy or an off day because of it?

I had that happen in pre-op when I had my collarbone surgery. Crashed 2 weeks before an ironman that I had been training for. I was fit, tapered (sort of), and well rested… for my surgery. Alarm was set to 40 and it kept going off.

I’m sitting around 36-39. Strange thing is that my systolic number of my bp is always 130+… My usual BP is 133/70… Fewer contractions, but higher pressure.

I had elective surgery 2 years ago at age 63. My heart rate in the pre-op room was 45 at age 63. Normal for life long participation in endurance sports.

I would be registering with a different doctor.

A simple well-balance article on the NHS (UK)

Essentially their general advice is to see a doctor if your resting heart rate is either above 120 or less than 40 - but even then that might just be normal for you.

Around 40 bpm for resting heart rate is sure quite normal. Mine is 38-39 bpm after 10 months of intensive cycling training. It was around 48-49 bpm when I started so it has gone down a lot.

I have a question to you guys with a low resting heart rate - do you have also a low max heart rate? My max HR is around 200-202 bpm and I’m 28 years old. I get up to 190-195 bpm in VO2max efforts when I am rested and at FTP efforts my HR is around 178-184 bpm depending how tired I am that day.

I am 48. Resting be below 40. My max is more than 189 as I can hold that in running races. During XC racing, I will see 192 being held.

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Not very high - around 160. It was maybe 170 when I was younger. I’m slowly converging towards 220-age…