I want to replace a tubeless ready rim with a wider clincher rim

I want to try to replace an RS81 tubeless ready rim on a 20 spoke WH-RS610 shimano rear hub. The current rim has a 15 mm internal width and I would like to replace it with a clincher rim with a 19 to 21 mm internal width. It seems to be relatively easy to replace an old rim with an identical rim (i.e, RS81 to RS81) but I want to replace it with a different rim. What do I need to consider in looking for a rim that will work with the same spokes and nipples?

The key measurement is the ERD, or “effective rim diameter” which is the diameter of the wheel at the spoke beds. You want to be within a mm or two if you want to reuse the spokes and nipples. It can be tough because not all rim manufacturers list the ERD so you’ll have to do a bunch of searching to find a similar one


Also worth verifying the spoke bed is the same between the rims. Some are centered and symmetric to the outer rim, while some shift off-center away from the drive side to try and balance spoke bracing angle. That can also impact functional spoke length.


Thanks guys. If it works, it will be a lot cheaper than upgrading to new wheels. The search begins.

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You need to consult a spoke calculator and use the ERD. Plus you’ll need to have figured out what kind of spokes to use and which nipples. Personally, I really like Light Bicycle rims. Somethinkg like FALCON rim R45 Road/CX. Not “cheap”, but certainly inexpensive for high quality carbon rims.