I’ve heard the ramp test overestimates the ftp of the “anaerobicly gifted”

Yes, I agree. Testing or really even updating FTP more than a couple times per year is enough because FTP doesn’t really move from 278 to 281 over the course of a month, e.g.

@kurt.braeckel I generally agree but…In my experience I DID have a 40watt change in my FTP and it happened in 14 days…happened due to Covid. Both before and after numbers were very accurate as indicated by not only threshold efforts but also zone 2 heartrate and decoupling. This happened in October and I have yet to regain my pre-Covid FTP. At this point though my ftp is changing much faster than it ever did prior and I do see frequent increases. This is an outlier though and prior to this I would have agreed fully with you.

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Curious has anyone has read this paper?


I’m still scratching my head as to why power-only ramp tests are still used to estimate threshold when the slope of the ramp has such a dramatic effect on pVO2max. If you look at the range of pVO2max from the various slopes, you’ll see more than a 100 watt difference in the same population.

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Do I really need to caveat my statements with something like “unless you are dealing with a viral infection”? :joy:

also “unless your leg is amputated” as well please. maybe consider alien abductions in there too?

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The ramp test underestimates the anaerobic contribution for the gifted. It operates by a literal estimation, you could have a 3000W sprint and the ramp test would never know.