I have tested my helmet

Nothing happened to me, only a few scratches…but im really impressed about the capability of modern helmets!
And i learned a lot today. I dont ride 1 Meter with out an helmet


Glad you are ok! It still amazes me how many “cyclists” I see not wearing a helmet.


Thanks, i didnt ride very fast🙏

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Wow…look at how the plastic around the logo is peeled off. Without a helmet, you would have at least been scalped! That helmet was money well spent, for sure.

Ok, I have to ask the obligatory “Is your bike ok?” :wink:

Seriously, have you been injured? Shoulder? Hands? Ribs?

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Glad to hear you escaped serious injury……don’t forget to look into a Crash Replacement option from Giro.

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Glad you’re ok.
Every ride, every time.
I’ve seen guys ride off to go mtb with no helmet. “They’re so expensive” is a pretty frequent response. My first thought is even my most expensive helmet cost less than my E.R. Co-pay.

Yes, i have scratches on the Hand, on the back and my ankle hurts.
But thats ok…
The bike? Thats a Good question. I cant see any damage but i really dont know if there is any damage in the frame (and how to inspect it (carbon)

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Here in my country (europe, Austria) every medial treatment is free.
But, of course you are right, better a damaged helmet than your brain🤪

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Glad to hear. I’d probably have your bike checked out. The damage needn’t be critical, but you could have a bent derailleur hanger or some such.

Gute Besserung! :call_me_hand:

I had to ride home for another 1,5 hour (very slowly):blush:). No Problems with the gearing, Brakes and so on.
But i dont Trust it, i guess, nobody in my country is inspect Ing carbon frames seriously…

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Honestly, don’t worry too much about invisible frame damage. They are very strong. I’d look for paint that has come off, and check for flex. If you see anything odd, knock on the area with a coin or even just your knuckles, and compare to the sound on similar parts.

Here’s an example of the tap test you can do… Use a coin though… :grin:

Gkad you’re OK. :grin: :+1:t2:

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Thanks! So far it see s to be ok. I flew Over the handlebar, my bike made probably a half Turn Lande on the saddle and the handlebar first and i can see the rear end of the saddle is damaged, one lever must have turned a few Millimeters inside but the handlebar is Aluminium so i dont think its damaged😊

Glad to hear you are ok and that the helmet did its job.

I had a similar ‘epiphanous’ moment last year; hit by a car and KOd. Helmet took all the impact and saved my life.

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