Bike check up after crashing

Hi everybody

On my ride yesterday i hit the deck. Physically I’ve been stitched back together, but I’ve been wondering about my bike. I have never crashed before and do not know the check-up procedure after doing so. As I do nearly all of the work on my bikes myself, I know how to check for basic functionality, but are there other aspects that i have to consider after a crash? Thanks in advance for your input!

the crash
I came off the road and basically flew into the gravel ditch right next to the road. There was no hard collision or direct forceful impact on me or the bike (other than the ground).

the bike
The bike is a Canyon Aluminium frame & handlebars with a carbon fork & saddle post. The bike got a few small scratches, but looks very fine all things considered. The left break lever was twisted outwards, as I hit the ground/slope of the ditch with my left side first. After re-adjusting it, breaks and gears are working fine. Both wheels are still centered.

Left side-first is not as bad, since it means the drivetrain was untouched (otherwise a derailleur hanger alignment would be a good idea). Aluminum is very tolerant, so frame or handlebar issues are unlikely. If the wheels are not wobbling, it is unlikely the fork has received enough of a hit to be an issue.

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