Hydraulic line question(s)

Wondering what these things are on my hydraulic lines… could they be an easy way to disconnect the lines since the cables run internally? Would I need to bleed if I disconnect and reconnect?

I’m installing new bars that have internal channel and wondering easiest way to disconnect all my cables and run them through the bars. Appreciate any help.

I believe that might be a connectamajig (no, really: https://www.servicearchive.sram.com/sites/default/files/techdocs/95-5018-003-100_rev_a_connectamajig_-_road_disc_brake.pdf how’s your Polish? Can’t find an English version, but even the name might help you search!)

Afraid I can’t help with whether or not it’ll need a bleed.

Actually that’s super helpful, thank you.
Looks like with the term “connectamajig” I can turn up some info with a google search :+1:

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For anyone with similar question, I found this quote from a sram tech rep:

“The major benefit of the Stealthamajig is that it allows us to assemble the lever and caliper/hose separately and give them a proper bleed at our factory. A bike assembly factory can then route the hose and connect without the need for a bleed, ensuring better bleed quality when the bike hits a showroom floor. It is not intended as a quick disconnect.

“Since bicycle hydraulic systems are so lightweight and low volume, an air hose fitting type of disconnect is not an easy thing. The amount of fluid that can be lost before a rebleed is required is very small. The Connectamajig technology on HydroR does allow for 2 (tooled) disconnects before a rebleed is required, but like Stealthamajig, it’s intended to make bike assembly easier, not for repeated travel use.”

So you now have a budget for how many times you can mess up the reconnection procedure :smiley:

You just piled the pressure on me :joy:

SRAM Road lines are a PITA to swap with anything other than a SRAM line. The lever end has an angled end banjo bolt that is custom. There aren’t any mid-line couplers out there except HYDRAULIC BRAKE LINE COUPLER — TI CYCLES FABRICATION .



This suggests 3 times before re-bleed.

Best of luck as hydraulic systems can be a pain when re-routing.

Wish I’d known about / had this when I rebuild my bike after an RTA last year.

I took the opportunity to replace the bent standard aluminium bars with a nice set of carbon aero bars with internal cable and hydraulic line routing.

To say the assembly / fitment was a tad ‘fiddly’ would be the understatement of the year :joy:

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