Hub maintenance every 1500 miles for carbon wheels? FLO wheels

I bought a set of FLO wheels, carbon clincher, around December this year.

I started to hear noises coming from the back wheel and LBS mentioned it was coming from the rear hub.

I searched on the web and found a video from FLO where it stated that maintenance should be done every 1500 miles (that’s roughly 2400kms) or when creaking noises were starting to be heard.

I checked my strava and have done exactly 2500kms and I am hearing creaking noises.

the question is, is it normal to need to do hub maintenance every so often? doing rough calculations, every 9 weeks?

I’ve been riding a similar volume on ZIPP303 for 3+ years, typically doing maintenance once a year (10k kms). I’d be disappointed having to change them as often (or more often) than training tires.

yes, it’s strange, perhaps I could get some feedback from @christhornham? perhaps the video is outdated?

Most people can go longer without performing the service. The 1,500 miles is a conservative number. If you are especially hard on your wheels or riding in a lot of heavy rain, doing service more often is a good idea.

If you properly lubricate the inside of the hub, many can go 10,000+ miles without any noise.

I hope that helps,


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