HRM-tri strap troubleshooting

I’m starting to not trust my HRM-tri. It shows high hr (+15% or so) in early part of a run then it goes to normal; reminding me of prior HR strap models ~8 years ago that would behave like that (+40%) until enough sweat appeared. How do I find out if it’s the electrodes getting old?

When do you decide to change a HR strap aside from it completely dying? Is there a way to check it beyond checking battery power? Counting my hr beats with finger isn’t very precise especially as my hr comes down if i stop to do so. Only way I can think of is to run with 2 straps and 2 devices to compare.

I use mine everyday and that includes cycling, running and dh skiing for hours. So it will die eventually. Battery has been changed a few times. Suspicious symptoms: elevated HR in first 2-3km of a run (might be just my heart as I warm up in the brisk 5C )

Still look at the graph: why is my HR 10 beats above threshold going downhill and I’m not out of breath !? Early HR is higher than once I do mile repeats and 100m sprints!

Second graph shows same behavior until i stopped and tried to count my hr with finger; it went normal afterward matching RPE and pace.

Errors with HR straps in the first few minutes are not uncommon - especially in cold conditions when the skin is dry.

A few suggestions:

  • wash the strap regularly to help prevent the buildup of salts from sweat (they provide an alternate electrical pathway for stray signals).
  • remove the battery for 30 seconds to reset things
  • pre-moisten your skin and the electrode pads before working out.

Thx I’ll do it in next few runs.

So it’s back to the past: I used to do that (moisten skin and the pads) on older hrm straps but haven’t had to do it on this updated model until now.