HR(max) and Age Survey

220 - my age(37) = 183
My actual HRmax= 196

So the HUNT formula is dead on
220 - (37x.64)= 196

Just did it on me: 220 - (67x.64) = 177

Sounds just about right.

I’m 50 and max observed outside is 194.

Resting HR is 37.

Hunt formula is closest at 188…

Age 46.

Max of 205.

Age: 63

Max HR: 193


max 15yr ago: 176
8yr ago: 172
now: 167

Last year I hit 194 once. I am turning 40 in March. So that’s about 14 off of the 220 minus age.

Of by 18bpm. For me this formula is a better indication of my threshold HR.

220 - 51 = 169bpm for me - my max in Ramp tests is 179bpm so 10bpm for me… :grinning:

My computed max is 194.6 using this formula so it seems pretty much bang on.

220 - age (36) = 184. My maximum is actually 183bpm so the traditional formula is almost 100% accurate for me.

One point though - when I ran I could get a higher max. When I started time trials my max in races was lower. Even in the Ramp test when I started TR I have looked back to Oct 18 and it was 173bpm. I can now do 179bpm in the ramp even though I am 18 months older - but a better cyclist so maybe I am using more/developed more leg muscle and can really exert myself more like when I ran…so maybe it is situation specific! :face_vomiting:

25 years old, estimate would be 195 max hr

Actual: 212 bpm max. My threshold heart rate falls in the 185-195 range. Any time I go over 200, I’m in a bad spot.

I never get to maxhr during TTs or ramp tests FWIW. For me it’s generally like a 10min 105+% effort followed by an all out sprint, or 30/30 gonna head or tabata style intervals. You should try different ways to elicit a max response on the bike, it should be achievable to get similar run/bike maxes

Well, you are sitting down when you’re on a bike. :slight_smile:

My estimate is 186, my actual is ~210 so it’s off by 24 bpm for me.

24 here estimate would be 196
My max I’ve every seen is 189
Formula overestimated by 7

Maybe - although there is less muscle mass involved and it’s not weight bearing…I’m getting there with my bike HR - but I was a much better runner than I am a cyclist at present (although I stopped running nearly 2 years ago) so maybe I was closer to my performance ceiling when I ran. I suppose I should say 179bpm is the highest I’ve seen and since I’m 51.5 years old I can’t believe there is much more there.

Mine is pretty close.

220 - 49 = 171

My max is right around 167 or so.

30, Recorded at 195. 5BPM higher than predicted.