HR(max) and Age Survey

Max 176 last year.
14 over

I have noticed my max has gone up the last couple of years. Pushing harder more than likely. Max happens on outdoor rides. Highest indoors has been 170 roughly a week ago

220-age is 164
Max HR is 184 I think, better check brb…

With the standard calculations I am 11 points over! After setting up my new Garmin Edge I was getting congratulations for a new max heart rate, yikes!

220-70=150…actual 144 so not to bad other than low in general.

So what does max HR rate mean in terms of work? May be a dumb question, but does higher max mean more capacity or other net gains vs someone with a lower max? I’m around 174 or so @ 51 yrs young. Thanks.

Same here. Actual is 14bpm higher than 220-age.

There’s pretty big variation. Here’s a scatter plot of results from a study of over 4000 people.

Best fit formula: 209.3 – 0.72*(age)


And some interesting stats on what caused people to stop the test (Treadmill ramp test):

“Leg fatigue was the primary test termination criteria in 82% of the exercise tests. Dyspnea was the primary termination criterion in 17% of the tests, whereas chest discomfort/arrhythmias were the primary termination criterion in only 1%“

I wonder if it’s the same distribution in the TR population for why people stop on the ramp test…

Edit: poll created

220 - 43 = 177. My max is 183.

Thanks for posting the link to this study. Although there is a correlation between age and maximal heart rate, the high variability is very interesting. I seem to fit pretty close to their average, though, in that the 209.2 - 0.72*age closely approximates my maximal heart rate.

Max observed HR: 196

formula result delta
220 - 36 184 -12
220 - 0.64 * 36 197 +1
209.2 - 0.72 * 36 183 -13

Even moar formulas:

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Age 37 so formula give max of 220-38 = 182.
I’ve seen a max of 192 a few months ago so about 10 off for me.

Age 47
220-47= 173

Max I’ve seen on the trainer is 182
Max I’ve seen on the road is 189 (Albeit about a year ago)

Max I’ve seen since getting

HRM: 188
Wrist max: 201 (It’s terribly unreliable, especially if you are black)

Age: 28 which is 192

RPE of 677% max haha

52/197 off by 29.

Way off. Formula says my max heart rate should 168 bpm, but I regularly push 185 and max out around 190. Resting heart rate ranges from 49 - 53 bpm.

Age 61. Observed MaxHR of 190.

220-78 = 142. Actual highest = 150 bpm. Off by 8. Hopelessly average.

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I think you are right. According to the formula my max is a measure that I regularly reach when doing longish threshold workouts. I am not sure what my max is, but from what I can understand, few can reach their max HR on a bike (running up stairs might do it, if you have enough stairs) and, once again from what I understand, if you reach your max, you’re more or less ready to puke. I’m too much of a coward to go there.

I’m 67 and have seen 168 on TR workouts (not regularly, but I have seen it) and the formula gives me 155. I see over 160 fairly often, without getting close to puking. I figure 10 beats more over 168 would do the trick.