How to smooth power in a race with corners


This weekend I had a race and in the first half I was suffering a lot, right now I know that im not in shape yet (SS2 wk 6) but there was a sprints in each of the corners, I watch a lot of videos of race analysis form TR and there explain that is best to try not to sprint each corner or try to keep watts under VO2max but is very difucult in this type of circuit.


In the second half I organize the group to chase the break away and you can see that the power is a little smooth, but I would like to heard your recommendations.

This is hard to explain and super subtle: ease off the power a touch earlier entering the corner and let a small, small, small space open up behind the wheel your following. As you exit the corner you can apply power a little sooner but, a little less. The result is you will be right back on the wheel with smaller power spikes. This will work ok in corners like #2 and #3 and in smaller fields and/or to the outside. For corners like #1 I might do this technique a bit more but, those corners are more about being way up front.