How to qualify to State/National timetrial championships

Been looking for any information on how to qualify for state & national time trial championships.
Can i just show up to the race with USA cycling 1 day license and ride away? or do i have to be pursuing a CAT 1/2 status and “qualify” for it?

Also, are all riders compared to each other or each in their own category? if a masters rider ended up beating the time of a CAT1 rider, how does that work?

Thanks in advance for the help.

For your state TT, it varies wildly by state/region so you’ll have to check with the rules for your specific event.

For amateur and masters nationals it looks like you just need to have an annual USAC license to compete in the TT - there are no category restrictions. The full rules and regulations regarding eligibility for last year’s amateur nationals can be found here:

Again, scoring for your state/region is going to be dependent on the local rules. At the amateur nationals time trial however, everyone is scored together. So if a cat 5 masters rider were to have the fastest time, they would win the event overall.

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Thank you soo much for the help, i just seen your response now, but thanks again for the help. I just seen the national TT course and it looks super fast.

Thanks again for the help