How to properly handle beet juice

I have been taking beet juice for some time, usually by pouring 1000ml of mineral water with one beet, breaking it up with a wall breaker and then straining it through a funnel.
But recently I checked some articles, it is said that beetroot contains a lot of oxalic acid, long-term consumption can cause stones or have other problems, for this type of vegetables need to be boiled in water for half a minute to 1 minute, how do you deal with it, any ideas

You could add chalk to bind the oxalic acid.

A single beet doesn’t contain enough nitrate to have any acute effects. In fact, even most commercial beet-based products on the market don’t:

If your focus instead is simply on your long-term health, then they are lots of tastier vegetables out there that would do you just as much good (and variety in the diet is important).

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I could not agree less. The combination of radicchio, fresh and creamy goat cheese and red beet is perfection.