How to pace myself in Alsace

Hello guys,

In a couple of weeks im seing myself compete in Gran Fondo Grand Ballon in Alsace. The race is about 145km and 4500 meters of elevation.

Im currently sitting in at around 329 FTP and 80 Kgs - we’re passing 5 main climbs:
Grand Ballon, 16km and 974m
Col du Firstplan, 9.8 km and 420m
Col du petit ballon, 11.8km and 800m
Col du Platzerwasel, 8km and 650m
Le Grand Ballon, 2km and 120m

How would you go on to take this course? Give me your thoughts, both watt wise on climbs and nutritionswise?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Big day out!

I did a similar thing in Switzerland last year, ~70miles/12000ft, similar weight/power numbers to you.

It really depends how you are riding it, I’ve just looked at the course and it’s not going to somewhere you can do much work as a group, you are either going up @ 5-6% or descending! Being 80kg and FTP not 400w I think you will be waving goodbye to the mountain goats at the bottom of the first climb, my experience is euro fondos are very competitive, backed up with anecdotes I’ve heard.

Personally I would aim for fuelling 100g/hr and highZ2/low tempo power for the climbs (~220-260W). Be conservative on the first one and see how you feel at the half way mark, don’t underestimate the last big climb. If you explode before or going up there you will be out all day and it will not be enjoyable! Watch out if it’s hot you may/will overheat quickly at climbing speed.

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I am going there too.
But I wil race, not pace :wink: