How to organize training for a 10 week crit series

In 2019, I am focusing on a 10 week crit series that we have every Tuesday starting roughly the last week of May and runs to the middle of August five or take rescheduling for weather. What is the best weekly set up for training with including this races over the 10 weeks?

This topic touches on a lot of the same issues and is crit specific: Racing USA Crits during summer

Hey where I live we have a crit series that runs 30ish weeks. Every Thursday night.

I’ve done the crit plan Tuesday Wednesday workouts then raced Thursday. I’ve also done Tuesday then the Thursday workouts(on wed) then race Thursday.

This past year after the crit plan I did sweet spot base. I would say at least do one hard workout Tuesday then easy hr Wednesday race Thursday.

Thanks for the information. I will give it a try.