How to make intervals smoother outdoors

How do you do restart the current step? I was trying to to that today and ended up skipping intervals by mistake! I wish there was a way to rewind the workout to previous steps…

On the interval screen just hit the top right button and that menu appears, select “Restart Step” and it rewinds to beginning of interval.

No way to go back unless you start the workout over and advance to the step you were on


Why didn’t you respond to the question about the data field from jtuk?

I did respond:

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@bbarrera thanks for showing this setup. Will the powergraph show bigger on screen during the ride? I set it up now, but its rather small

@Kersje86 do you have the powergraph in a “tall row” like below:

I believe that is layout “7A” on the 530, but it could be “7B”