How to maintain fitness in summer w/ less structured training?

Please say more

The non-mitochondrial energy system (where ATP is produced away from muscles and largely in blood) can generate roughly 16 calories per minute, equivalent to 266 watts on the bike. The Mitochondrial system generates up to 10 cal per minute or 166 watts. It is also not a coincidence pro riders reach peak FTPs right around 432 watts (166 + 266).

And are these others putting up annual power gains? :wink:

Sure, but this is an error. Very unlikely it actually happened.

Yeah. Very likely, but I have also seen riders run the equivalent of 8 hours a week at normalized power equal to ftp (basically near 800 TSS).

I was totally picking on jonathan for either missing this or not commenting on the insane TSS level (love ya Jonathan, but that was an ‘ooomph’).

I don’t think 848 TSS is way too high for most pro riders. It might be high for a recovery week but, the data I’ve seen over the years doesn’t support this claim. 850 TSS wouldn’t even be a 20 hour week.

I’d love to see some data!

It definitely wasn’t the case for me. That’s way too high.

You’re the one posting 848 TSS. Where’s the data backing that up?

Here’s a screen shot from a long week I did last fall. 54 year old male. Amateur regular joe.

A couple local pro riders (Brandon McNulty and Former pro Eric Marcotte) routinely blew ^^^ out of the water. I mean not even close…

Lol…he only posted that because @Jonathan brought it up.

So he he/she has no clue. Great.

I don’t think you are reading/understanding. I never claimed that TSS. I don’t have any data to back that up so not sure where Jonathan got that as a 6 week average.

I think the question is 848TSS from 6hrs riding.

Certainly 800+ TSS is far from uncommon on its own.


Im not sure how it adds to the discussion that you did a 17 hour, 850 TSS for one week last year, especially since your CTL was only 84. And id bet that was an event while we are talking training.

You never corrected him…and that was the main point of his argument :joy:

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It could be as simple as duplicate rides being recorded in TR’s calendar. It’s happened to me several times.

Seems we should probably just let it go? Forum rules and all?


The 848 was 6 week average not from one ride.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but it looks like he said he was riding 5-6hrs per week.

That’s all I meant

I don’t think it’s a big deal, it’s just an indication he hadn’t updated his FTP for a while prior to that Ramp Test.

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