How to include 1min rest every 10min in workouts (to manage chronic compartment syndrome - cleared to workout)

I am new to trainerroad, I have chronic compartment syndrome but I am cleared to cycle and strength train as long as I manage my symptoms. The best method I have found for managing during cycling is to ride indoor and do 9min on 1min off. The 1min rest gives time for compartment pressures to drop and that staves off symptoms during cycling.

Would it be best to just have the workout auto pause for the off time? How would this affect longer intervals, like sweet spot or threshold? Do you have any other suggestions for managing this?

That’s how I’d do it if I were in your shoes.

I wouldn’t worry about that. Training is optimization under constraints and dealing with your chronic illness is just one constraint.

You can create your own workouts, too. Pausing at 9 minutes in a 10 minute interval multiple times would be a pain, as an example. I’d be tempted to find some I like and just create a workout using the parts I like with the breaks you need.

And also have a catalog of TRs workouts that work for you to substitute when TR gives you a workout that won’t work, and just tweak the resistance to make sure you get the intensity you need for progressive loading.

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I don’t know the syndrome, do you need to get off the bike entirely?

No, I’m cleared to cycle and strength train.

Um, possibly not a popular opinion, being this is about TrainerRoad, but that is what I like about Zwift.

I can make a custom workout to do what I want, how I want. Perhaps Trainerroad needs to become more flexible, allowing people to create (or edit) their own pain sessions. Although it might be hard to feed into the whole Trainerroad back-screen system to parse the workouts, and advise on where to go next.

The power of Zwift custom workouts can also be a tool easily misused, leading to over and under-training. I can setup a brutal hour long 30/30 workout that possibly wouldn’t fly well in a structured workout system, perhaps, yet for me they seem productive. I do wish Zwift had more ‘back of screen’ machinations to rate and evaluate custom workouts and their effect on me and my future goals but Trainerroad could also add the ability to assemble/build custom workouts. Maybe make the process of creating custom workouts interactive, guiding users in what they should/could put into one, and providing a ‘score’, perhaps, after it is created. Maybe that’s more of an evolutionary ask, but I think people could find it beneficial. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s not exactly elegant, but TrainerRoad does have a workout creator.

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And to think of ‘chronic compartment syndrome’ sounds like a nightmare. A local weightlifter, runner, went through a horrific episode of compartment syndrome caused by being on blood meds. He lost huge percentages of his muscle mass, and ‘died’ several times and being brought back to continue his fight. This is a story probably more about the minuses/misunderstanding/unintended effects of certain pharmaceuticals, but still frightening, and it reverberated as a form of general panic amongst some practitioners. One of mine included. It was an overreaction to a specific case, but still something to be avoided, but not as epidemic as some played it.

But, wow. I hope you can manage this condition. The human body is an amazing system, so complicated with so many things that can go wrong/sideways.

Would ice pants help post workout recovery?

Hmm… Never knew, obviously. I’ll take a look at it. Maybe a way to convert workouts from each platform would be interesting to use, potentially…

AND it can import other workouts! It sounds actually pretty extensive. This could cost Zwift a subscriber…

Sounds like the case you knew of was acute compartment syndrome, which is a medical emergency. It’s very scary.

Chronic compartment syndrome, to my knowledge I’m not a medical expert just have personal experience, is not as bad. At least with cycling the breaks mean I don’t experience any symptoms. However if I try and run it’s almost impossible to avoid symptoms.

Hey @adam3024 :slight_smile:

When you take that one minute off, can you spin recovery-like?

If so, I would recommend choosing a Workout Alternate when you get prescribed interval sets that extend beyond the 9-minute mark. This way you can complete the interval fully and spin lightly till the next interval.

Now, if you need to stop and not spin at all during that one minute I’d still recommend you choose a Workout Alternate and pause for that one minute during the rest period in between intervals. In this case, it may be beneficial to have the Pedal to Resume/Pause under your Settings.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it mentioned many times, that people have downloaded workouts into TR that their coaches prescribed and dropped into training peaks. Not sure if they were created in training peaks or some other format that might be user friendly or have a ton of workouts.

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Running… Post hip replacement, I asked my surgeon if I could go back to running and got a surprising :flushed:. Like I should know the answer somehow. (Apparently it was ‘no’)

Running is really tough on the body, or can be. I used to run quite a bit, but had to give it up on the guise of ‘knee pain’, and ‘torn cartilage’, that turned out to be the degenerate hip issue I had and the knee focused surgeon completely ignored. Convenient… :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: Finally got a surgeon that had a clue. Jogging, whatever that is is the only ‘running’ in my future, if at all.

Stay on the right side of that condition…

It was acute for sure. He was doing fine, and then crashed. Was raced to the hospital, and spent the next 6 or more months fighting to save his muscles/life. (Don’t know what happened to him, long term as he moved back with family (apparently) across the country. Still, wow, very frightening and I wonder if he had been advised it was a potential completely life changing ‘side effect’. I got tired of all the hand-wringing warnings to avoid bumping my legs post-workout, etc…