How to figure out glucose:fructose ratio in Clif Bloks

I am currently planning on using Clif Blok on the bike/run portion of my upcoming race (IRONMAN Arizona), and making some bottles of juice alongside that.
I like chewing on the bloks, and counting down the time between eating them helps me pass the time, otherwise I might consider going completely liquid.
Either way, I am going with the calculations in @Dr_Alex_Harrison’s excellent RP Diet for Endurance Fueling, and figure the race will take me somewhere between 12:00-13:00, and therefore I probably need
90g of carbs, 720mg salt, 154mg of potassium and about 35g of caffeine per hour.
From what I see in the label of the Clif Bloks, there are 24g of carbs, and 12g of sugar per serving, does that mean the other 12g would be maltodextrin (or something glucose-like)?
Therefore, if I add 42g of table sugar and some fresh squeezed lemon juice/salt to my juice bottles I would have a ratio of 57:33 (~1.7:1)
The way I am calculating it is:
57g of glucose( 36g from the 2 servings of bloks - 12g from the sugar, and 24 other carb source, which I am guessing is the maltodextrin listed) + 21g from the table sugar.
33 g fructose (21g from the table sugar + 12g from 2 servings of the bloks)