How to best hit 30 second intervals on ERG mode in TR

Try lowering your cadence in the rest section by 10+ rpm. When the interval starts or when you feel the resistance begin to increase slowly raise your rpm to where you want it. Eg. If trainer is thinking I need to but 400w at 85 rpm it will work out resistance based on that. Meanwhile you lift cadence during the ramp up to 100. You’re catching the lag while it’s figuring out the resistance. That’s the methodology that seems to work for my kickr core.

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Your issue is a result of changing the cadence. Erg mode adjusts the power to your cadence. Get the cadence you want and let the power adjust. It will get there.

^ and I’ll repeat my public service announcement, stated another way unlearn some of what you do outside. Which is equivalent to reinforcing a pattern that doesn’t work outside. @brenth not singling you out, that’s the correct advice if using Erg. The downsides of using Erg are rarely pointed out. Cyclists with smart trainers should have a balanced view of Erg mode pros and cons.


Interesting reading through this thread. I’ve pretty much always used the big ring and fifth cog up to keep the chain in line. On shorter intervals I’ve had some spin up issues but nothing too irritating but on high rpm power efforts this spin down due to flywheel has been an issue. I’ll try your suggestion on my next short interval workout and see how it goes. Thanks

I tried a VO2 max workout on ERG mode yesterday. 30/30’s. I just couldn’t see how I would be able to maintain a good cadence and shift fast enough in Resistance mode. I have to say it worked out well for me. The challenge of ERG mode is the death spiral, and in a 30 second effort there’s not really enough time to death spiral. In contrast, plenty of time to meet your demise in 2 minutes with ERG if you drop off power momentarily.

You can see I pre-empt the effort by revving up to 105-110RPM. Then try to keep it above 100 for the interval. Seems to work pretty well.


High cadence is always your friend in ERG.

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exactly I also do so, is also recommended so