How to be the most supportive partner to an MTB racer?

As the partner to someone who is serious about training, racing, bike building and all things MTB, I want to know how to best support him. What gifts are helpful and show that I’m interested in what he does? (Caveat, he got me an MTB so I’m definitely interested, but not as serious as he is!). What’s helpful for your significant other to do? What is support vs adding more stress? What are things that help for others to do to support training that it’s nice not to have to ask for? Thanks!


Assuming he can (and does) buy his own MTB stuff whenever he needs, it’d be hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Thinking for me, the things that have meant the most, have been when my wife has facilitated , or approved a ride I might not have otherwise done.

For example, organise a trip to a MTB area you haven’t been before. Or a guided shuttle. The destination/type of trip/ride could vary depending how much/if you want to join him, or let him go.


My fiancé and I both MTB, but I’m much more into training and racing than he is. He’s a great ride partner and we’ve done some fun MTB trips together, but he’s also an awesome support at races, which I really appreciate. He helps with logistical things at races, which is awesome, but he’s also a great cheerleader too.


Buy a van, or even better, a campervan. Drive him everywhere. Spend your day at the races supporting him, eg in the feedzone, technical support etc.

Learn to fix bikes. Make sure his bike is clean and ready to ride whenever he needs it.

Learn how to do sport massages.

Meal prep and cook so that he can eat right after training etc. Talk to him about his nutrition goals and make sure he gets the right macros.

…alternatively, just right your bikes together and have fun.


^^^^^^^ If this person exists, is single, in her mid 40s-to mid 50s and lives in the Central Texas region, please message me :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s a good start. I would also add that each fall you should have a discussion with your partner if a new bike for next year would increase performance, enjoyment or capability. Then, make sacrifices on your end to ensure the new bike or bikes happen.

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Take a trip somewhere where there is epic riding. Make time for it. Chances are he bought what he needs already. The experience is more valuable than the stuff anyway.

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Yes he’s very independent with organizing trip, training, and maintenance. So this is helpful! Thank you!

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I was that for a person, it got me nothing. I am in a better place now. LOL.

Be yourself, enjoy being with them and be supportive. The rest will fall in place, with them or without them.

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I really like when my girlfriend attends my races, she usually only comes to maybe 2-3/10 per year though, I especially appreciate it when she comes for XC races where I will get her to hand off a bottle to me, she can help me pack stuff up which is nice as well.
She doesn’t give me a hard time about the money I spend on cycling related stuff as she knows I’m pretty frugal/financially responsible and doesn’t give me a hard time about the time I spend racing and training, even lets me have my bike and trainer setup in our small apt.

I wouldn’t want her to buy me anything cycling related unless I was like ‘I want this specific thing’ because along with my frugalness when I do spend on something its because I’ve put a lot of thought into what is the most appropriate item for me cost vs performance.

On the races she doesn’t attend (most of them) she will often make me a couple wraps or a fruit salad or something to bring with me as she wakes earlier than me (even on race days lol), I appreciate this but have felt a bit let down when she has chose not to attend races or came but then sat in the car reading the whole time rather than watching the race.

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100% this…bu supportive but not subservient. Be yourself and encourage what he loves, but don’t play second-fiddle to it, either.

Be flexible with riding time, etc. Be supportive of new purchases but not irresponsibly.

Relationships go both ways….make sure you get what you need from him, as well.

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Good to know! I’ve never missed a race (have to miss one this year unfortunately) so it’s good to know how to support even if can’t be there, thanks!

ALSO! Thank you for confirming it’s ok if your SO doesn’t buy you bike stuff. Because it’s his biggest passion, that’s what I want to support! But he researches and buys the stuff he needs for the bike/ surrounding biking. But I can make snacks!! Perfect

If you do want to get him bike stuff maybe ask him if for birthday/xmas there are some specific things he wants. For example maybe there is a jersey he wants or a part but you would want to know the specific thing or it might not work for him. The other thing for me is I’m an ambassador for my LBS so if I buy it, I get it at cost, so a lot of cases it doesn’t make sense for her to buy the stuff.

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