How to approach weekly zone 2 ride

With my fitness gains I can now manage an extra ride a week. I’m following the low volume century speciality plan, working towards my target century event about 6 weeks awayy. I either do all 3 TR workouts a week or 2 TR and a group ride. I have made the extra ride a dedicated zone 2 ride, as I wasn’t really specifically covering this before and couldn’t handle any more intensity. For this ride, should I be focusing on riding at the top of my zone 2 power (I quite like Cumberland-3: 75 mins at 70-75% ftp) or is it the time in zone 2 that should be the focus? I generally have 1-2 hours available for these rides, so they won’t be ‘long’ steady rides.

The shorter the duration, the higher the intensity. For a 1-2hr ride, shoot for upper limit of Z2.

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