How not to recover from hip surgery - or - Dismayed. Long recovery intervals in a workout are killing it for me

Hah! No, a bit more than that…

How? I tried to move the yellow bar, and it doesn’t work. Is there a way to speed up workout time?

Pause the workout and then you can move the indicator bar to where ever you want…the key is pausing the workout first.


That’s my fear. The couch is calling. I’ve never been a fan of life on the couch. I’ve tried running, but with the hip replacement, and knees that were (apparently unnecessarily) scoped multiple times, actual ‘running’ is probably not in the future, and I’m already nursing a painful knee after having new shoe cleat placement issues. :flushed: :roll_eyes:

The process is riding your bike, a lot, whatever that is for you at the moment, and riding at varying intensities. The breakdown of intensities somewhat depends on how much you ride, and your ability to recover, and lastly to support any target events.

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Is this stuff written down somewhere? :flushed: I remember trying to onboard a new rider to Zwift, and going through all of the tips and tricks that I acquired over time. Their eyes started spinning and they obviously felt overwhelmed. I should have probably just pointed to one of the better intro vids on YouTube. I’m sure there are things I still don’t know, but whatever. I did get into ‘writing’ my own workouts. Dropped it because too much work. :laughing:

If you weigh more than 58kg choose with LV if you weigh between 51 and 58 choose MV

I’ve put over 5,000 miles for years, once over 7,500, but this year is a bust. I’m down around 1,100 for the year, so far. I’ve done all the routes (except Über pretzel) in Zwift. Figuring out stretching has taken a lot of the wind from my sails. I just need to ride more…

Stop pedaling and grab it with the mouse and move it forward

I do it when I’m time crunched

Pausing first was the key. Never would have tried that. Brilliant, but how well known is that. :man_shrugging: :person_facepalming:

Obsessing about recovery intervals is not going to help ride more. Somebody above noted you should do whatever motivates. Focus on motivational cycling for now, whatever that is for you, and slowly cranking up the hours per week. Toss in some hard efforts a few days a week, using TrainNow or whatever. Get to riding 4-5 days/week, consistently.


Seven minutes in seven and half minutes off, for two hours, seems fine to me.

One of the mindsets we have to let go of to optimise training is that which makes you think you need hard work all the time. Let the plan train you up gradually and you will maximise you r consistency, health and gains.


No idea

Just don’t back up and do an interval over again, it won’t count it as work. So your tss will be off

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I will admit that I only discovered that because I saw it posted here…I was “intuitively” trying to tap my screen or move the indicator line forward without pausing the workout and (obviously) failing.

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Used to ride 7 days a week, no matter how short, or long. Once did a 3.5 hour ride. It was fun.

Got to get back to that.

The funny thing is that it DID move on a ride I did months ago, maybe a year, and I freaked out. It took me a while to get back to where it skewed, and I just couldn’t get it so I quit and popped back in the ride and hoped it didn’t happen again. When the world moves and you can’t figure out what caused it, well, that’s just freaky… I could laugh at it now. Somehow I got the sequence right, and didn’t realize it. :man_shrugging: At the time I thought it could be a bug. Never realized I could cause it (me, a mere mortal) and that it would work for me. Hah… (Keep clicking those heels together :crazy_face:)

One thing you could do is choose a one hour “alternate” workout that matches your desired interval and recovery duration and then add on endurance work so you hit your “mileage/time in the saddle” goals?


feeling your first earthquake is freaky for just about anyone!

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I’ve done that. Another thing I’ve done is to just pause the ride and fast forward the interval to cut however many minutes out I need.


Just pick a WO that fits what you have in mind as work/recovery ratio.
If you pass it, AT will take care that the following ones will be in line with that. (a bit tougher actually)

Just always remember Kolie Moore’s favorite mantra:


no sorry, wrong one


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And I didn’t know you could do that. I will likely find that very helpful…

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